Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Saturday Evening

Went to a concert Saturday night at Nissan Pavilion, an outdoor venue located off I-66 about 20 miles west of D.C. I primarily went to see Counting Crows, but the show was a co-headline show with Maroon 5 and Counting Crows, with Sarah Bareilles opening. Sarah Bareilles was pleasant enough - strong voice, and piano-driven pop in the vein of Ben Folds, though since she's female and plays piano, she gets compared a lot to Fiona Apple. She's more melodic than Fiona though. Not to say that Fiona is not melodic, just that her melodies can get rather...complex.

Sarah Bareilles and Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz at Nissan Pavilion

If you had asked me to name a Maroon 5 song prior to the show, I would not have been able to. I was sure I had heard songs of theirs, but I never paid attention to them. Probably still won't pay attention to them, but I did recognize about four of the songs they played. Maroon 5 is the type of band that teenage girls graduate to when they've outgrown Miley Cyrus and the boy-band du jour. And there were many screaming females in the audience, singing along to every song. Some thoughts on M5:
1) They are most listenable when they're adopting a kind of 70's funk groove, such as on the songs "Harder to Breathe" and "Wake-up Call"
2) Lead singer Adam Levine looked disturblingly like actor Seth Green onstage
3) On some songs (e.g. Sunday Morning), I thought I was listening to 90's British singer Jamiroquai

Maroon 5 at Nissan Pavilion, 8/16/08

Counting Crows took the stage and opened with "Rain King", but halfway through the song singer Adam Duritz wandered into the middle of "Mr. Jones", prompting the lady sitting next to me to wonder just how stoned he was. We finally concluded the excursion was planned, as he eventually made his way back to "Rain King" and finished the song. The first few songs suffered from sound problems that made it difficult to hear the vocals, which was not helped by the fact that Duritz's vocal range falls squarely into the sonic range of the guitars. Those issues seemed to be worked out, though, and he was in fine vocal form the rest of the night. He also showed no signs of the ankle injury he suffered on stage a few weeks ago, which caused the band to play semi-acoustic versions of their set at several recent shows. The crows were joined onstage at one point by Sarah Bareilles and a bunch of kids for the song "Hangin' Around". I didn't keep track of a set list, but since this is a co-headline tour, sets were a bit shorter than you expect with a single headline act.

Counting Crows Singer Adam Duritz, Nissan Pavilion, 8/16/08

Counting Crows performing "Long December", Nissan Pavilion, 8/16/08

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Rex said...

If Adam Duritz had interrupted "Rain King" in my presence for any reason whatsoever, I'd have heaved something at the stage. That's one of my all-time favorites, and even through he wrote it he'd better not be screwing with it. That's probably how his foot got broken, some irate Rain King fan threw a heavy object.