Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day Racing

Labor Day weekend is always the big event of the year in our SCCA Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series. Three days of racing, as well as our annual charity drive for a worthy local program. This year we raised funds for the local Jefferson County (WV) reading program. Through a variety of activities, including two nights of auctions that included such goodies as a week for two in the Grand Caymens, we were able to raise $22,000. In one of the other fund raising activities, I discovered I'm not very good at driving a golf cart blindfolded, especially after a few beers. But a lot of fun was had by all.

Definitely a long tiring weekend for us workers, though. By the end of the weekend my feet hurt from standing for 10 hours a day, and my knees were making very annoying popping noises. Monday was a weird day, with 3 ambulance calls and a life-flight, and not one of them related to on-track racing action! One was for a worker who injured his arm, didn't realize how badly he had injured it and ended up going into shock. One was for a child who fell about 8 feet out of a viewing tower onto the pavement below, and ended up being med-evaced by helicopter (though word has it he is fine and at home), and one was for a flagger who fell and broke her arm.

Our videographer for the Washington, D.C. Region puts together some entertaining videos every year for our annual year-end banquet. Below is one such video highlighting some of the racing action from last year. Special thanks to Daniela Anderson for all her hard work filming and editing the videos.

Video by Daniela Anderson

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