Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Guild! Season 2!

No time to do an in-depth post today, but need to say Season 2 of "The Guild" debuted today! Created and starring Felicia Day, produced by Kim Evey (two of my favorite people), "The Guild" tracks the interactions of a group of online gamers. You do not have to be an online gamer (I'm not) to enjoy this series. Season 2 is sponsored by X-Box Live and Sprint, and is now streaming on MSN (see below) and downloadable on X-Box 360 and the Zune Marketplace. Check it out!

Link the Loot
Link the Loot

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Wrecks said...

Hey, a post! You blogger, you. I haven't watched an entire episode of The Guild yet, but I'll make a deal with you: for every episode of Arrested Development you watch....