Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mti Mkweo Simba

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Now that I'm finally back home after another 10 days on the road, I have started work on Part 3 of my Tanzanian adventure. However, as an interim post, I thought I'd share some photos of one of the more interesting and unusual behavioral traits we witnessed in Serengeti National Park. When I was preparing for the trip, I read that the lions of Lake Manyara National Park are one of the two known populations of tree-climbing lions in the world (the other located in Uganda). Alas, the lions we observed at Lake Manyara were all firmly planted on the ground. We were all surprised, however, to discover that someone neglected to tell the lions of Serengeti National Park that they do not climb trees. In the six and a half days we spent in Serengeti National Park, we observed lions resting in trees on at least five occasions. No one is sure exactly why lions sometimes climb trees, though the most popular hypotheses center around relief from biting flies, or to take advantage of cooling breezes. The title of this post is a literal Swahili translation of "tree climbing lions", though since I do not speak or write Swahili, it is probably not grammatically correct. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the pics, however!

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