Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Lilith Experience

Last month I combined a trip to visit my sister in Colorado with a chance to catch the Denver stop of the 2010 Lilith Fair tour. I've always been a huge Sarah McLachlan fan, and Lilith Fair is her brainchild, a "Celebration of Women in Music" launched for a 3 year run in the late 90's, and resurrected for a second go around this year. Like many concert tours this summer, Lilith was beset by slow ticket sales that caused the cancellation of 11 scheduled dates, and saw a number of main stage artists (Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert) pull out of scheduled appearances. I was joined at the Denver show by my co-worker Jen, who is also a long-time Sarah fan. This blog, however, is not about the music, it is about the spectacle that was Lilith. Simply put, Lilith is not the domain of those that possess a Y-chromosome. One of the second stage artists, singer-songwriter Anya Marina, put it best in one of her song dedications: "This song goes out to all the dudes at Lilith. All seven of you." There were many, many women there. Most of whom were not looking at me as a potential partner (although they may have been looking at Jen that way).

Anya Marina Sending a Song out to the "Dudes".

As with any good multistage, daylong music festival, there were hospitality tents that sponsors used to hand out samples of their products. Jen took full advantage (below). I passed.

Many of the most interesting sights were not on the stage, but were on the bodies of the concert-goers. I'm sure every tattoo has a story, but, well, I won't even try to guess at this one......


And the stars weren't only on the stage.....

Alas, not everyone can afford high priced skin ink. Some are forced to make do with the "poor man's tattoo"

Will Lilith be back next year? I have my doubts given the problems that plagued this year's tour. Will I go back if it does return? Absolutely - I'll see Sarah any chance I get. The rest of the sights are just icing on the cake.

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